Finding the right service provider when you have an IT, print, or technical issue can be very difficult. We know exactly how stressful it can be to find a company who can provide you with everything you need. Xerographic USA not only provides you with the products your business needs in order to be successful, but also the technical service and software that ensures you get the most out of those products. We will never leave you high and dry with your new printer, computer, or VoIP system.



Except for your Xerox products, for which support is routed back to the Xerox support team, we provide hands on support for any and all of your Xerographic USA products. While you may understand how these products work, you might not know how or have the time to set them up and make them functional for your office. Instead of struggling with your office equipment for hours, days, or weeks, we can help you get your entire suite up and running and ready for use.



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No matter how careful you are with your equipment, it is eventually going to need to be repaired. If you want the very best repair that Florida has to offer, look no further. Having a broken or malfunctioning device or piece of equipment will not just slow down your office’s efficiency, it might even halt it. When you call us to service your equipment, you will get fast, effective repairs that will help you get back to work as quickly as possible. Instead of buying a new piece of equipment or limping along without one, we will get you back on track, fast.



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Many people feel intimidated when faced with a complicated piece of equipment, software, or technology. We know how critical these pieces are to the mission of your business, so we make sure that you understand exactly how to use them. Many of these devices or pieces of equipment are used on a daily basis. You want to know not just the most basic functions, but how to utilize that piece of equipment to maximize your efficiency. Our training will allow you to do just that.